Does Prayer Matter?

Darrell shares a message on the importance of prayer out of Luke 11.   The question is, “Does prayer matter?”  As he looks closely at the parable in this chapter, the theme of persistence  becomes abundantly clear.  It is in persistently asking, seeking and knocking through prayer that we begin to see what God is doing.

A Mother's Day Panel Discussion

Casey leads a panel of three moms, Lisa Clark, Terri Hahn and Betty Moore,  in a discussion of some various parenting questions collected from the congregation.  From date night to soul care and teenagers, these moms shared the ups and downs of their own experiences in trying to raise children who love the Lord in today’s world.

The Lord's Prayer

Darrell shares about his personal journey out of  prayer-less-ness, and how he, eventually,  found a place of prayer that flowed out of relationship with Jesus.  Although books were a source of great encouragement, Darrell found he learned the most about prayer by doing it and engaging in actual prayer meetings. In this message, he explores Jesus’s teaching from Matthew 6 and the exhortation to find a place alone with God and a place of simple conversation.

Mobilizing the Body of Christ

Pastor Shannon exhorts us in this message to take seriously the call on each of us to release the Kingdom and bring heaven to earth.  For in the end, we will each stand accountable with what we have done with the period of time in which God has placed us.  Jesus took back the keys to the dominion that Satan stole, but he expects his sons and daughters to walk into the land and take possession of everything they see. These are they who will  understand the times, understand the seasons and know how to act.  Finally, Pastor Shannon leaves us  with this sobering question: “Does anybody know what time it is, and does anybody care?”

Setting an Appetite for the MORE

Pastor Shannon shares his heart concerning the call of God to His Kingdom kids.  This call is to represent on earth the One who has sent us.  The “fresh outpouring"  has already come, and the question is, “Are we going to walk in it?"  You will never see heaven move until you place a demand on heaven in keeping with what  God has declared. In this way, as Christ’s ambassadors, we can walk in His authority and shift the culture everywhere we go.

How the Resurrection Changes Everything

Darrell opens his message by exhorting us to consider how the power of the resurrection removes guilt, shame, rejection and hopelessness.  Its mark on humanity is unmistakable.  So, how did a small band of Jews, comprised mostly of fisherman, change our present day world to the point that one third of today’s population confesses faith in Christ?  The answer?  The Resurrection!

O Death, Where Is Your Sting?

In this message, Casey stirs us up to consider that we have all been given a “cheat code” in Jesus.  As the Bible clearly states, “O death, where is your sting?,” because the worst thing the world can throw our way, cannot compare to eternity with Him.  This can and should make us brave and cause us to live an inspired life.  THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME!

Servant Minded: 1 Corinthians 4

Paul implores the church at Corinth to rise above their divisions and arrogance and accept his role as their spiritual father. Their immoral behavior requires correction and in this chapter, he prepares them in the hope that they will receive his gentle correction.  As we observe what unfolds, Darrell exhorts us all to bring our own lives to the light of God’s Word and to grow as faithful stewards.