Journey with Jesus: Fish Tricks

The religious people of Jesus’s day believed that God separated Himself from sinners.  In contrast Daniel shares the story in which Jesus calls sinful men by revealing Himself through a surprising fish story.  It is through this miracle that Peter sees his sinfulness and first calls Jesus, Lord.  Listen in and discover how Peter’s journey with Jesus begins, not with faith, but by simply following. 

The Purposes of Jesus

Preceded by John the Baptist, Jesus comes to bridge between the old and the new covenants.  John declares of Him, “Look, the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world!”  In this we see the purpose of Jesus to remove sin and so confirm a new covenant that fulfills the promises  of the old.

Stepping into God's Promises

In each of the opportunities that God calls us into, victory comes only when our eyes are on Him. When we become overcome by the “Giants” in our lives, our focus turns away from the only One who can deliver us.  In this message,  Daniel encourages us to stop focusing on our “Giants” and instead, focus on the living God.

Testimony of Glenn McKenney

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After 40 years of devotion and service to the LDS Church, Glenn was no longer able to ignore certain truths that were slowly coming to light in his life. He began an earnest study of the religious organization he thought he knew, which led to his exit from Mormonism. The son of convert parents, he was the first of his generation to be "born in the covenant". Later, he would become the first in his family to be "born again" and become a believing disciple of Jesus.

Honoring Our Moms

God brought Israel out of captivity after may miraculous events.  When Moses met God on Mt. Sinai, he received the Ten Commandments, and in Ex 20:12, we are commanded to honor our mothers and fathers that we might live long upon the earth.  On this special Mother’s day, Darrell encourages us with some important details of how we can take seriously this promise and so honor our mothers.

Loving People

How can we join Jesus in His  mission of redemption?  Jacob reminds us that following Jesus is more than just knowing and doing the right things.  It is a journey of moving toward Jesus that begins as God draws people to Himself.  Our role is to come along side and share our story.

Christian or Disciple?

In a recent survey, 83% of Americans say that they consider themselves to be a Christian.  In this message, Darrell explores what people are expressing when they use the term Christian.  In doing so, he answers the question, "What is the difference between being a cultural Christian and a true disciple of Christ?"=