Worship Through Music

It is in worship that we reverence and honor God.   Daniel’s message clarifies for us the role of music in leading us to a heart of worship.  He exhorts us with the question, “Am I living a lifestyle of sincere worship?”   In that context, he reminds us to use all that God has given us, as well as music, to bring Him glory and surrender to Him with a heart of worship.

Outward Focused: Missions

God has extended an invitation to Go and engage people, far and wide, with Him.  Monira challenges us to take a look at the issues that keep us from stepping out and being Kingdom focused.  Taking our eyes off of ourselves, let’s step into these mission opportunities and accept God’s amazing invitation to partner with Him and change lives for eternity.

Outward Focused

In this message, Darrell reflects on what it means to be “outward focused.”  Whether at  a church outreach, a family gathering, work, the gym or the ball park, to be outward focused should be a lifestyle, not just an event.  Jesus calls us to serve and love others as he has served and loved us.


We serve a generous God.  He loves to give good gifts and gives far more than we could return.  Daniel  outlines with Biblical examples the ways in which God is generous toward us.  Have you received from God? What is it that God has put in your hand? The challenge is to give out of your overflow. When you do, your well will never run dry.