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Men's Retreat 2015: Seeking God Faithfully

All men are invited to join us from Friday afternoon, August 21st to Saturday evening, August 22nd, for a special time away as we come together to worship, fellowship and discover together what it means to better seek God faithfully.

The cost is $75. Register and pay no later than July 19 and save $10, for a total cost of $65.

Fun For Every Man

This year's retreat is jammed packed with inspiring sessions, engaging small group activities and, of course, games. Come prepared to be blessed and renewed.


Be Encouraged

First, what is the heart? In both the Old and New Testaments, the word heart refers to the center of an individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual life. It’s the “innermost part of a man.” The heart reflects the real person.

Second, God sometimes uses the most unusual circumstances and people – even non-believers – to achieve His purposes. This is what happened to a young, relatively unknown shepherd boy named David. Even though he served as the Saul’s personal musician and carried the king’s armor, few in Israel knew about his unusual skills and abilities. More importantly, they knew little about his relationship with God. But all that changed when he came face to face with a huge Philistine warrior named Goliath.

Third, what is true friendship? How does it develop? And how is it expressed? These questions, whether we verbalize them or not, are asked in the heart of most human beings. God created us to be social creatures; without friends our cup of life is only half full. Most of us have lots of acquaintances – but how many of us have true friends?


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